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BOOK OF BONAEFIDEI   |   Friday, 13th of January 2017

CHAPTER V: 7 manly traits every gentleman should have. Period.

If you wish to call yourself a man, you must develop a strong character, with values and beliefs rooted deeply in your heart and mind.

Written by Rok P.
Seeing the news and the current culture trends I can't help but wonder, what exactly happened to those real, genuine old school traits of men. You know, when men were men and didn't wear skin tight pants. When they had real skills and could lay down the tiles or fix the car. Nowadays it seems that men can't even change the light bulb. But its not in my nature to complain, so, what are some of the traits men (and gentleman) should have?

1. Fix your stuff.

Whether it’s the kitchen sink, a blow dryer or your car, real men fix stuff. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect you go screwing around the engine bay of your 300 thousand dollar Ferrari, but checking the liquids, changing the battery or a flat tyre should be second nature to every man. Can you believe some don’t know what to do when they get a flat tyre? Weird times we live in.

2. Learn how to handle and make a joke

If someone tells you a joke, and you know it was meant as a joke, don’t get offended. We have developed into a culture of overly sensitive boys (I will not even call them men) going around crying and being offended by everything. C’mon marone, haven’t your balls dropped yet? It’s always good to have a few good witted comments and phrases in your repertoire. Ladies enjoy that.

3. Look presentable

I believe everyone should look sharp; you know, presentable. This doesn’t mean you should spend 600 dollars on a shirt, far from it. Sometimes a 60 dollar shirt can look better, especially if you invest a couple more dollars and visit your tailor, to smooth out the rough edges and make it fit perfectly. You can have the most expensive shirt that money can buy but if it doesn’t fit well, then you might as well have spent the money on whiskey and cigars – would’ve been a far better investment. Trust me, I know. Whatever your style is you can make it look good or bad. It’s all up to you. And one last thing - get yourself a black suit. Don’t question this one, just do it.

4. Keep your word

This is something that I shouldn’t even have to tell you about. And I won't. You're a gentleman, keeping promises you made is in your character. Remember what Tony Montana said right?

5. Know stuff

There’s nothing like an intelligent man that effortlessly navigates difficult situations. Utilization of reason and logic enables him to handle situations objectively and thus respond to them in way that produces the best results given the circumstances. There’s a lot more knowledge in the books than it is in the 3 minute “know everything” Youtube tutorials so go pick one up and see how you like it. The more you learn the more you earn.

6. Men used to be strong

Not buffed or looking like bodybuilders, but strong. Or at least stronger then these kids today. Modern men are spoiled. They didn’t have to face the hardships that previous generations had to and the effects can be seen. A few pushups, pullups and jumping jacks each day can do wonders for your body. I'm doing my share, are you? I think I'll write a dedicated post on this topic.

7. Last but not least, Character

If you wish to call yourself a man, you must develop a strong character, with values and beliefs rooted deeply in your heart and mind. If you’re still trying to find yourself don’t worry. Going through life you will develop a code – a set of rules you follow and which make you a better man. Let me tell you marone, there is no man richer than the one with a solid character and pure heart.

A man must stand like an oak in difficult times – emotional or physical. He must be someone you can depend on and trust to have your back. It is my wish that this chapter inspired you to become a gentleman worthy of the name.

Until next time, RP.