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Why I don’t write anything political
"As far as I can see, politics and religion are those sort of topics that are just more personal to people. And believe me, I have no shortage of opinions"
Written by Rok P. on Sunday, 28th of May 2017
Of course I could write a million words about the injustices and everything else that has ties in politics. We could also debate for hours which political system is the b...continue reading

PRESS RELEASE: Bonaefidei is going to Kickstarter!
"It’s the values we hold and express through our products. It’s the principles that are incorporated in each shirt and the reflection of the character of it’s wearer"
Written by Rok P. on Monday, 17th of April 2017
It’s true, we have decided to take our brand and our unique and personal approach to making the finest polo shirts to the wider public. We have learned a lot in this ti...continue reading

Intermezzo: The midnight drive
"Your foot is on the gas pedal and the radio is still playing Dean Martin’s greatest hits"
Written by Rok P. on Tuesday, 28th of March 2017
Have you ever felt the urge to just get in the car and go for a drive? When it's around midnight and you've had a long day, nothing can relax you quite like the empty roa...continue reading

Chapter X: If honor were profitable, everybody would be honorable.
"If you can’t commit to do for yourself what you say you are going to do, then you really do not honour yourself."
Written by Rok P. on Sunday, 19th of March 2017
Life every man holds dear; but the dear man holds honour far more precious than life - William Shakespeare.

A man who comprehends respect...continue reading

Chapter IX: Honesty is better than sugar coated bullshit. Period.
"Given that everyone has their own definition of the true meaning of the word, we quickly find many who have tailored the definition to their liking."
Written by Rok P. on Monday, 6th of March 2017
Thomas Jefferson once wrote, »Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom«. That's quite a powerful statement once you think about it - even more so because it's...continue reading

Intermezzo: On motivation
"Of course it gets hard sometimes. And of course there are going to be obstacles along the way."
Written by Rok P. on Thursday, 23rd of February 2017
I cannot count the times someone asked me how do I stay motivated. Not just in business but life in general. Why don't I ever quit when I decide to do something? ...continue reading

Chapter VIII: The only piece of jewellery a man is allowed to wear, Part II.
""There is a romantic aspect in actually winding your timepiece. It creates a unique bond between the two as you are, in a sense, giving it life.""
Written by Rok P. on Wednesday, 15th of February 2017
o we've made it to part II, the first topic to do so. Should we congratulate oursevles for making it this far? I think we should. Or it may be best if we finish th...continue reading

CHAPTER VII: A love affair that started with a sip.
"It may be single malt or blended. Who knows? Nobody does, until they try. If I'd have to recommend one, I'd say go with..."
Written by Rok P. on Tuesday, 7th of February 2017
If diamonds are girls best friends then Whiskey and Cognac must surely be something at least similar to men. And then someone comes along and says something like: “But ...continue reading

Intermezzo: 5 Gentleman quotes that will inspire you to become a true man of class and honour
"There is something about a man that has a clear vision of what he wants and where he's going."
Written by Rok P. on Monday, 30th of January 2017
We all love quotes don't we? There's just something about these short sentences, taken out of context that can get our heart pumping and fills us up with hope, energy or ...continue reading

Chapter VI: The only piece of jewellery a man is allowed to wear, Part I.
"To comprehend the man's enthusiasm for a timepiece, we first need to understand his fixation on time itself."
Written by Rok P. on Monday, 23rd of January 2017
In a Gentleman’s busy lifestyle, arriving on time is of upmost importance. It also shows respect to the other party. So this chapter is going to be all about watches, ...continue reading

CHAPTER V: 7 manly traits every gentleman should have. Period.
"If you wish to call yourself a man, you must develop a strong character, with values and beliefs rooted deeply in your heart and mind."
Written by Rok P. on Friday, 13th of January 2017
Seeing the news and the current culture trends I can't help but wonder, what exactly happened to those real, genuine old school traits of men. You know, when men were men...continue reading

CHAPTER IV: A love for motoring inherited from my late Grandfather part I.
"Enzo Ferrari once said that the E-type was the most beautiful car ever made and it is my belief that the statement he made isn’t far from the truth."
Written by Rok P. on Friday, 6th of January 2017
There are many things which interest me, but none quite as much as automobiles (well and watches, whiskey, fine books etc… more on that in the posts to come). Whether i...continue reading

CHAPTER III: The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. - P. Picasso
""Think about the "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo Da Vinci, an immortal masterpiece, its colours, the delicacy of the drawing and her enigmatic smile.""
Written by Rok P. on Sunday, 25th of December 2016
I've always been a big fan of art, painting, and drawing. A sculpture or a painting are in my view the highest expressions of an artist's talent and the manifestation of ...continue reading

CHAPTER II: A personal vision comes to life and this is its story.
""Art of Polo - a product dedicated to a few who understand and share the passion of tradition, and also the beauty of the work of artisans.""
Written by Rok P. on Thursday, 15th of December 2016
A person's wardrobe is as intimate to him as it's open to the world to see. It reflects the character, spirit and the style. We live in a world that is full of fast chang...continue reading

CHAPTER I: Interlude
"A peak through the keyhole and into the backstage of our world of passion, craftsmanship and pleasure."
Written by Rok P. on Friday, 9th of December 2016
The Book of Bonaefidei is a peak through the keyhole and into the backstage of our world of passion, craftsmanship and pleasure. It is the book with personal stories of a...continue reading